Architectural Services

Results-Oriented Approach. archentire's architects provide the hands-on project management that is critical to your project's success. Great project management involves keeping the design team on task, details in order, budgets on target and schedules on track. Exceptional project management goes beyond organizational skills and includes the ability to anticipate obstacles and respond proactively to avoid them.

Integrated Design. Our staff includes Licensed and LEED AP architects, professional engineers, interior designers and construction administrators each bringing their unique experience and perspective to your project. This balance of expertise is critical to achieving your goals - elegant architecture and innovative design.

Value-Based Decisions. The breadth of our staff's experience creates a deep understanding of construction practices and economics, which helps ensure design decisions consider your vision, budget and constructability. What this means to you is greatly reduced construction change orders and their associated schedule delays. Contact us to learn more about putting archentire's experience to work for you.

Master Planning involves charting a course between the present and a desired condition. The process involves determining objectives, milestones, critical issues and program components necessary to achieve the goal. Once completed, the Master Plan is an enduring roadmap to reach the ultimate destination. Benefits of a Master Plan include ensuring that growth and change occur in a strategic, integrated and cost-effective manner.

Architectural Services

  • Architectural Design
  • Architectural Renderings / Models
  • Architectural Videos / Fly-Throughs
  • Code Compliance Studies
  • LEED Building Certification / Sustainable Design
  • Site Master Planning
  • Structural Engineering

Interior Design

Interior Design carries with it the power to form potent first impressions, setting expectations for the experience to come for guests, customers and clients. Creating exactly the ambience you desire is a responsibility and privilege archentire never takes lightly.

Lasting. Enduring. Striking the balance between inspired and sensible, our designs increase your building's market value and enhance the user experience within it. Whether you have a small public project or a world-class destination resort, we design to meet the test of time.

Inventive. Resourceful. Attentive. What is it like to work with us? We are detail-oriented and committed to quality design, while exploring and creating exceptional spaces for you. Count on us to meet deadlines and stay on budget.

Sustainable. Responsible. We apply sustainable best practices to every project, from daylighting and air quality to interior finish materials selection. Our designers guide clients toward choices that are not only durable and beautiful, but responsibly consider the impact to future generations.

Right-Sized Services. From small, professional offices and senior housing communities to luxury hotels, we work within your scope and budget. As full-service interior designers, we can assist with furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) selection and specifications, as well as guiding you through development of a Property Improvement Plan (PIP).

Architecture + Interior Design. Better Together. With our collaborative team of architects and interior designers, total project design is elevated to a holistic creation that is highly cost-effective and fully integrated to create precisely the lasting impression you seek.

We promise an interior design solution that delivers the on-time and on-budget statement of quality your project deserves. To learn more about how archentire interior designers can help your project make the perfect first – and lasting – impression, please contact us for a consultation. You will find our talent to be as solid as our commitment to you.

Interiors Services

  • Interior Design
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Selection and Specification
  • Property Improvement Plans
  • Space Planning
  • Interior Rendering / Models / 3D Visualization, Animations and Walk-through

Construction Administration

Vast Field Experience. Our team of construction administrators (CAs) boasts an average of 20 years of field experience, providing you with sound counsel on construction issues as they arise. With their hands-on knowledge, rest assured that your interests are being protected while your vision is becoming reality.

Smooth Transition. Our construction administrators become familiar with your project during its design through collaboration with the project team.

Looking Out for You. Our CAs represent and protect your interests in the field. As your liaison with the general contractor, we conduct an in-depth review of contractor pay requests and construction change orders to maximize your project value.

Using Technology for Faster Turn-Around. We understand the critical nature of timely decisions during construction. archentire uses an advanced information exchange system to efficiently manage the myriad of submittals, requests for information, revisions and field reports associated with your project. This technology allows the entire team real-time access to project documents, fostering increased communication and faster turn-around of project information between team members.

Construction Administration Services

  • Construction Observation and Reporting
  • On-Site Evaluations for Quality Assurance
  • Project Progress Reports
  • Review and Verify Contractor's Pay Application
  • Provide Punch List Reviews at Project Completion
  • Facilitate Project Completion, Code Compliance with Local Authorities


Our Specialized Services Include:

  • HVAC System Design (Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning)
  • Electrical System Design
  • Integrated Building Management System (IBMS)
  • Plumbing / Sanitary System Design
  • Fire Protection System Design

  1. Electrical:
    This wing provides full electrical design and construction services for residential and commercial buildings ranging from small scale to large scale projects. International standards, building codes are strictly followed that is the core strength of our company. It covers design and construction/installation of:
    Medium Voltage:
    1. Switch gear
    2. Metering
    3. Generators and feeders
    Low Voltage:
    1. Switchgear
    2. Busways
    3. Transformers
    4. Generators
    5. MCCs
    6. Main Distribution
    7. Sub Main Distribution
    8. Distribution Boards
    9. UPS
    10. Dual Tariff Metering
    11. ATS
    12. Synchronization
    13. PFI and discrimination of circuit breakers
    Extra Low Voltage:
    1. Fire Alarm and Voice Evacuation System on EN or NFPA
    2. Public Address
    3. Door Access
    4. Security System
    Home Automation:
    1. Blinds Control
    2. Lighting Control
    3. Distributed Multi System
    4. TV Matrix System
    5. Temperature Control Systems
    Housing Societies:
    1. HT Feeders
    2. HT loops
    3. LT mains distribution & metering
    4. Emergency Lighting
    5. Lightning Protecting
    6. Earthing Systems
    All these systems are installed under strict International standards and protocols.
  2. Information and Communication Technology: (IT)
    This wing provides full IT design and construction/installation related services for all type of projects. Be it software development, data networks, data centers or any other requirement that you may think of, this wing does it all. It covers design and construction/installation of:
    1. Data Networks
    2. CCTV System
    3. Distributed Audio
    4. Audio Visuals
    5. Parking Management
    6. Guestroom Management System
    7. Data Centers
    8. Software Development Solutions
  3. Mechanical
    This wing exercises skills in the field of Plumbing, Fire Fighting and HVAC for residential and commercial projects either it is a design of construction project. It is further classified into HVAC which includes design and construction/installation of air conditioning units through Chilled Water Generation and distribution through AHUs and FCUs. Our team is specialized in:
    1. Centrifugal Water Cooled Chillers
    2. Dual Fuel Direct Fired Absorption Chillers
    3. Hot Water Boilers for heating
    4. Design through VRV for heating and air conditioning.
    5. Ventilation and Smoke Management System
    6. Overall energy conservation through BMS.
    These systems are installed under strict international protocols and standards.

    Plumbing: includes design and construction/installation for Potable Cold Water Systems, Central Hot Water systems, Soil & Waste Drainage Systems, Condensate and Grey Water Recovery Systems, Rainwater Drainage and Harvesting Systems, Natural Gas Systems, Irrigation Systems. These systems are installed under strict international protocols and standards.

    Fire Fighting: includes design and construction/installation for Fire Protection through Fire Sprinkler Systems, Standpipe & Hose Systems, Portable Fire Extinguishers and Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems. Strict international standards are ensured.

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