About Us

archentire works in forward-looking environments developing futuristic architecture based on an existing contemporary nature. All of archentire's work - from residential components and hospitalities to cultural centers - is to provide a sense of orientation towards man, nature and creativity. Founded in 2010 by Kamal Sinan, the office started its new shape in late 2013 by creating a new type of architectural practice, an interpretation of Art to Architecture and Architecture to Art.

archentire's ongoing projects include The Aquatic Mall, opposite WTC, on the main G.T road in Islamabad, a mixed-used development in the heart of Karachi, a residential development in Wah and Islamabad, some interior design projects in Islamabad as well as running several competitions alongside. Internationally, archentire is designing two medium size hotels, a resort in Ajman, U.A.E. and some villa projects in the Middle East. Additionally, archentire has several experimental projects underway ranging from conceptual design to construction phases around the world.

archentire's aim for 2018 is to develop ties with the local communities and execute all years of learning and expertise for the benefit of our country. We not only build ideas, but also help build relationships amongst different expertise to provide a complete design package to our clients.

archentire is legally registered in Islamabad and has more branches in Karachi, Dubai & Mississauga (Canada).

Meet the Founder

After 15 years of experience working in Sultanate of Oman, Dubai & Malaysia, Kamal Sinan has returned to his homeland, Pakistan to foster the entrepreneurial side of his personality. He has always believed in creative forms of expression and longed to do that in a manner that not only satisfied his aspirations but also had a lasting impact in the lives of his customers. Having returned to Pakistan after so long, the rise of architectural firms in a region where the concept was not widely popular, intrigued him. After research and analysis, he realized that the Pakistani community had become receptive to the idea of hiring professional help, and most architectural firms represented a signature style. Ideas were thrown upon clients to choose from and the mere facade of a structure could reveal the designer behind it. Sinan wanted his work to represent the dreams and desires of each unique customer rather than a symbolic product embodying the organizations style. That is when the Kamal's vision for archentire was brought to life in 2010 and there has been no looking back ever since. Alhamdulillah

Kamal Sinan is among those few high caliber architects whose vision & its transformation on imprints fascinates the sense of creativity to its profound depths. He exhibit both ambition & motivation which makes him stand apart from the crowd who chart their destiny through diligence & a solid commitment to excellence. They are the people who create the standards by which others are judged.
Sayeed Ansari (Senior Resident Engineer)
Source: LinkedIn

Very nice person, a hardworking professional as well. He will be an asset to any company that will hire his services.
Armando Mallari
Source: LinkedIn

Kamal Sinan is my colleague in Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) at Ruwais Projects with a role of Senior Architect and handling multiple projects at the same time. I admire him for his dedications and dealing the works in a professional manner. He is result oriented and with high regards to details especially in his field of work.
As a colleague, he is easy to deal with and participate in all improvement within the organization. He possesses Management skills and a problem solver. All these traits are vital in our field of work with ADNOC considering the urgency of the projects, work pressures makes him handle with ease and perfections.
I am please and highly recommend Kamal Sinan for his strong influencein the success of the Projects at Ruwais.
Joel Bismonte, CPEng, M.ASCE, MIEAust (Senior Planner at Cape plc)
Source: LinkedIn

Kamal Sinan has an outstanding talent and his work was simply brilliant. He is a very creative and innovative interior designer. I see him doing even better in future.
All the best Kamal!!!
Shazia Sultana (Marketing sales & Leasing specialist)
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Kamal Sinan is a very cool headed and a very good human being who has head on his shoulders. He has creative ideas and will be an asset to any company who hires him. As for as I know, his weakness - CARS. Very jovial and an extrovert. Keeps everyone happy and one person who wanted a close knit team in the company where we worked. He will give his 100% effort to any job assigned.
JAYKAY N (HR & Recruitment Consultant)
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Kamal Sinan is a professional, with a command in Interior and Exterior details. I have a pleasure of working with him in Al Ruwais, Abu Dhabi on ADNOC Projects like G+5 Residential Buildings, Administration Head Offices, Hospitals and Schools etc. I highly recommend Kamal Sinan and wish him all the best in all his future ventures.
Muhammad Luqman (Senior Architect)
Source: LinkedIn

Kamal Sinan is a friendly and amicable person. He used to deliver his works with zeal and efficiency. I recommend him for ID related works and wish all the best in his career.
Shuvendu Bakshi (Director of Projects at Gulf Hostels Group, Bahrain)
Source: LinkedIn

Kamal Sinan worked as Principal Designer on some of the key projects for the company including some high end Hotels, Office and Villa projects. his perceptive of client's requirements and nuances of design is consummate. My experience of working with him on several Grand projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has been great. The level of details he goes into makes the life of the construction team easy.
His skill of visualization grand scale designs within the committed cost and delivering it within the time frame makes him a reliable designer.
Raghvendra Bisen (Head Planning, Project Management and Controls)
Source: LinkedIn

I have known and worked with kamal Sinan and have always appreciated his dedicated and friendly, cooperative approach. He has transformed the interior design operation at his company from the moment he joined, and taken it to a level of excellence that is exceptional in the region. I full-heartedly recommend him as a colleague, designer, architect and human being.
Guy Roukaerts
Source: LinkedIn

I have worked with Mr. kamal Sinan in a same company and have come to recognize that he is an extremely talented individual. his knowledge of Architecture and Planning is not confined to the detail but also encompasses an in depth understanding of the bigger picture. He contributes to general management issues with higher management and give his professional advices to the management in the field of Design and Architecture so that effective management has been achieved. Mr. kamal Sinan is very competent and manages his works well-In addition, I would emphasize here that his friendly and soft speaking beside his technical knowledge is a big asset for himself. I would therefore have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to a company in need of a structured effective approach to their Architecture and DesignTeam.
Naveed Iqbal (Sr. Manager Projects at Emaar Pakistan)
Source: LinkedIn

kamal Sinan was a talented Architect who managed multi projects & contributed creatively for success full completion of our project at Ruwais Housing Complex for ADNOC Civil Project Division.
Liyakhath Ali (Sr. Manager Projects at Emaar Pakistan)
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Our Values

Exploring our clients' goals, priorities, lifestyle and tastes.
Offering a complete and integrated package to our clients.
We are professionals and problem solvers.
We combine expertise across disciplines, locations and sectors.
Committed to delivering high quality projects and innovative design solutions.

Our Mission

With every successful project, archentire is poised to dominate the international stage in its pursuit of redefining sustainable, distinct luxury living standards on a global scale.

As a socially responsible future corporate citizen, we are equally concerned about the role that we play in a world with no borders. From the selection of craft materials to design elements, every care is taken to ensure minimal environmental impact; in addition to generating positive social and economic outcomes for the communities that we have a hand in developing.

Siddique Plaza, Near D.H.A. Phase 2, Opposite WTC, Main G.T. Road, Islamabad.
051 5427129
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